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About Pete Thornley
Pete's work is mainly photographic, involving three dimensional mixed-media compositions, and public art installations.

He concentrates on large scale images, using a 1904, 7inch x 5inch field camera, which force him to use old photographic processes which are becoming known as 'real' photography.
His images are not re-touched, any marks made in the process remain. He uses found frames for all his exhibition works, and is at present concentrating on a number of works, entitled The Art History Series.
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about Pete Thornley  ........continued
2003 Arcanum. Photographic multi media
City Gallery, Granby St., Leicester.
2003 Shed. Photographic multi media
City Gallery, Granby St., Leicester.
2003 Transformation. Industrial projection Warwickshire College, Rugby.
2003 Ghost. Photograph, found frame Rugby art Gallery.
2003 In memory of
David Lynch's
LE30 photograph,
dark slide
Rugby art Gallery.
2003 Losley Manor. Corporate projection Losley Park, Guilford, Surry.
2003 Caravaggio's Lament. Non' Projected slide,
happenstance photograph
City Gallery Leicester.
2003 Girl. (FP) Mirror glass lipstick Tantalus Pink not Pink.
Floor1 Gallery Rugby.
2003 Legacy of Despair.(FP) Glass, photograph Tantalus Pink not Pink.
Floor1 Gallery Rugby.
2004 Eclipse. Multi large format.
Industrial Projection
Guildford College, Surry.
2004 Duchamp's Ghost. Photograph, found Frame The Castle Wellingb'ro.
2004 Exactly which side
do you want to stand on.
Found door, lamp,
stainless steel, air con unit
Upstairs gallery,
City Gallery Leicester.
2004 Caravaggios Lament. Happenstance photograph.
Digital background,
silver found frame.
Non projected slide.
Lemimgton Spa
The Pump Room.
2004 Supplication. Non digital photograph. Warwickshire art week.
Floor 1, Rugby Art Gallery.
2004 A la recherché
le temp perdu.
Polaroid, found frame,
silver paint.
Newnham Art Park.
Tantalus Studio.
2004 Vagina Monologues.
Cardboard, paint, wood,
Alexandra Arms,
James St., Rugby.
2004 Refugee.
(Funded by Arts Council
West Midlands)
2.5 ton steel / glass structure To be sited 2005.
Newnham Art Park.
2004 Black Huel.
Collaboration with potter
Mark Ilsley
Installation of light
and vessells.
Floor 1, Rugby Art Gallery.
2004 Caravaggios Lament. Happenstance photograph.
(Art history series)
Tantalus Project
Christmas show.
2005 Home is where the piece is.
Gallery instalation.

Tantalus Project
City Gallery Leicester.
2005/6 Refugee.
Public instalation.

Newnham Art Park.
Monks Kirby Nr Coventry.
2005 Refugee.
Gallery collaboration with Rugby schools.

Floor 1 Gallery Rugby Art Gallery.
Little Elbrow St. Rugby.
2005 Black Huel.
Collaboration with potter
Mark Ilsley
Installation of light
and vessells.
Liecester City Art Gallery.
 2006 Shed
Gallery Intervention / Wood,Photograph, Stainless Steel, Sound

Rugby Main Gallery
2006 Chorus
Vidio installation
Projected DVD.

Rugby Art Gallery
Little Elbro St.
2006 Adult Education Project
Art History
 Work based on Rugby Collection

Floor One Rugby Art Gallery Rugby
2006 The Tantalus Project.
Public projection Rugby Art Gallery Building.
2006 Dust and Memory.
Mime Instalation. City Theatre Albany Rd. Coventry.
2006 Dust and Memory.
DVD /Monitor. Floor 1 Tantalus Christmas Show.
2007 Floating Light.
Work in progress
Projection solo show.
Floor 1 Rugby Art Gallery.
2007 BBC ITV.
Henge broadcast. Central and Anglia Television.
2007 '119'.
Projected image. Longhorns Bar, Rugby.
2007 Instigation of Sentinal.
2007 Instigation of solo show.
Instalation. Hackney London.
2007 Sentinal.
Public instalation - Wood steel, halogen light. Rugby CV21 2TX.
2007 Henge.
Work in progress at site. Cracks Hill,
2007/8 Work in progress.
Black Huel
Floating light
Art history series (photograph)
Pyramid of redemption.
Hackney Round Chapel
Hackney Round Chapel
Cracks Hill, Northants.
2007 Fountain pour Rrose SÚlavy
Readymade. Rugby Open.
2007 Olympia
Non digital photograph. Rugby Open,
Rugby Art Gallery.
2007 She Don't have a
wooden heart.
Dead Elm wood Leamington Spa Open,
Leamington Pump Rooms.
2007 Helter Skelter,
coming down fast.
Glass Acrylic wood
found object photocopy
Floor1 Gallery,
2008 Floating Light.
(Absolute Film ) 5.1 soundscape The Butts Courtyard Space April 5th 2008 City Theatre Coventry
2008 MNEME.
Twin reverse screen dvd Projection Our White Room Gallery Rugby
2008 Commutation.
Non digital photogragh Hinkley Art Gallery June-Aug 2008
2008 Raising The Inchoate.
Non digital photogragh Tantalus Project Group Show Rugby May -Aug 2008
2008 Found Book of Secrets.
Non digital photogragh Tantalus Project Group Show Rugby May -Aug 2008
2008 False Metal Jacket.
Digital Photograph
2008 Do We Leave A Space
When We Die ?.
Non Digital Ceramic Film Print Floor 1 Gallery Rugby Dec 2008
2009 False Metal Jacket.
Non Digital Photograph Tantalus show Longhorns- Jan-Apr 2009
2009 Paris.3.09. Digital photograph Tantalus Show Longhorns - Jun-sept 2009
2009 Final production for Absolute Film. Sept-Dec 2009
2009 Instigation of Production Visuals
for Broadgate,Coventry Projection.
Oct 09 for Mar 2010
2009 Ghosts in the Machine
Leica camera, plate glass Rugby Open RAGM..Nov-Jan 10
2009 Three Clowns Fools and Jesters. Tin,cake,dye Tantalus Christmas Show, Floor 1 RAGM Dec 2009
2010 Floating Light pts 3/4
and Four Projected Installations.
The Lewis Gallery,Rugby School
Jan 15/16th 2010
2010 Floating Light Installation. Rugby School Chapel
Jan 23rd 2010
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