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Refugee. 2005 / 6.
In May 2005 a new installation by Pete Thornley will be unveiled, at Newnham Paddox Art Park Warwickshire. The installation is to raise awareness of the plight of refugees.
Visitors will enter the space and view the quote by John Berger, projected onto the sky above.

The artist recognizes the irony of installing a work highlighting the plight of refugees on the ancestral grounds of the Earls of Denbigh. But feels the juxtaposition of the landed, and the landless, will highlight this sensitive issue.
Pete says “The work effectively punches a black hole in the landscape, which immediately induces an elemental feeling of loss. It is my hope that the thought process begins as viewers approach the work, and and will develop through entering the space and contemplating the sky above”

The  installation which addresses such a contentious subject, has been welcomed to  Newnham Paddox, with the hope that 'refugee' will raise awareness for those torn from their homelands by starvation,  torture and fear,  as well as those unjustly incarcerated around the world.
The work can be seen at Newnham Paddox Art Park from May 2005.

Previews by appointment. “Refugee” is now on permanent display at Newnham Art Park.


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